Hung-Sheng Lion Dance Theater

Fair and Festivity (Beating of drums)
This is adopted form traditional Southern Chinese drum and gong show. The giant drums, lined in a half-circle, introduce fast and various rhythms with the gongs, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes high, sometimes low. A unique characteristics of this program is that bold shouts are added to express exuberance in the performance.

Flight to Heaven (Dragon Dance)
Since old times the Chinese consider the dragon as a symbol of “good fortune”. A dragon in the midst of clouds was seen as an expression for blessings on earth.
The elegant, yet complicated movements of a dragon will arouse enthusiasm at any festivity. At slow pace the movements are elegant, at faster pace they are cheerful and natural and at fast pace they get unleashed. The overlapping of ups and downs, the mutual completion of tension ad relaxation shows the masterly philosophy of the dragon dance.

A Night Tour of the Dragon Place (Divine dragon)
As gold sparking lights blaze in the darkness, it is the fire dragon dancing in flickering light, from place to place, descending from the skies, an omen of good luck….
The Dragon Spirit in this performance is created through the modern “black light theater” technique, thus the specially designed dragon body sparkles and flickers in the darkness. The dancing dragon is hidden behind the stage, hence the audience can only see the meandering undulations of the dragon’s body tumbling after the dragon ball in the air. The vision of the Dragon Spirit reemerging creates an awe-inspiring spectacle to the audience.

Acrobatic Lion Dance (Dance on poles)
Lion (awake) dance is a traditional Cantonese variety show. When celebrating the spring or other festivals, it is often presented. The lion dancers use agile and smart moves to execute intricate and awesome steps. Two dancers wear a lion’s skin to be a lion. Before they do the leaping steps, the lions act out many emotions: delight, anger, sadness, exhileration, surprise, doubt, greed and worry. The lions then leap up and down uneven wooden posts, showing smart movements in difficult and awesome steps. This is always a most memorable performance for the audience.

Evil-busters with Divine Power (Eight generals)
This interesting acrobatic display is the mysterious dance of the Eight Generals that is usually performed at the head of a parade. The Eight Generals who dance and display martial art skill during the procession are the “police of the underworld.” During temple celebration festivities, they act as the guards protecting the gods. Marching ahead to open a path for the gods, they exude an electrifying presence.

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