Chang Yuan-jung, Director

Chang Yuan-jung has been fond of boxing since his boyhood. He joined the Hung-Sheng Lion-Dance Theater when he was 12 years old and began to beat the big drum and the dance big-head Buddha, linking him to the lion-dancing art. After he was inducted as a formal member of the theater, he trained himself into a skillful lion dancer. By 18, he had not only become a masterful lion dancer and drummer, but also learned with great masters how to repair and make lions.

In 1988, Chang Yuan-jung gave up his other business and dedicated himself fully to the art of lion dance. He formed the Hung-Sheng Lion-Dance Theater. Two years later, he won from the Ministry of Education the Heritage Award, a great honor. Since then, he has never ceased to improve his skills, costumes, and lion costumes. He carries on the traditional folk art by training young people. His theater has been invited by the national Council for Cultural Affairs to perform on a number of occasions, including local art festivals, folk-art nights, and National Day celebrations. At present, his theater is the most representative lion-dance troupe in Taiwan.

Add:NO.7-4, Alley3, Lane171, Chu Kung Rd, Pan-Chiao City, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C.